Voice Recognition, why you should be using this technology.


In the ever-changing medical world, clinicians are eager to adapt to technology solutions that will enhance the patient care process. Most practices and hospitals have embraced Electronic Medical Record solutions such as GE Centricity and Epic to eliminate redundancies and dedicate more time to patient care. EMRs are good for many reasons, but having to point and click over and over is time consuming and tiring. That said, you still must collect, share, and store accurate data for future reference by clinicians.

One of the latest developments revolutionizing how patient information is collected is speech recognition software. Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Practice Edition are such reputable pieces of software. Numerous clinicians are switching to this technology for the following reasons:

 Better Records

Voice data is captured as is, first-hand. This allows for a fuller record. Clinicians using EMR have been restricted to templates and having to squeeze patients into one of the drop-down options listed. But with voice recognition, data can be descriptive and unique to each individual patient. This affords clinicians greater knowledge where patient history is concerned. This is critical for proper diagnosis, and can be easily referred to at a later time by a different clinician accurately.


Voice recognition allows for information to be shared across departments as it is not linked to one device. Cloud based apps allow different users to be able to plug into the patient data from wherever they are. Also, patient data can be acted upon at the same time by different departments to enhance efficiency.

Greater accuracy

Medical errors are critical and costly. Most errors in medical records are introduced due to subjectivity or just carelessness. To deal with subjectivity, clinicians have been limited to templates. Voice recognition is able to bridge that gap and record a patient’s history as is, in the patient’s words, while still remaining objective.

Increased productivity

In this day and age where consultants are in high demand across the globe, it is crucial that they are the most productive they can be. A physician using voice recognition can save up to ninety minutes each day. This saved time can be put to great use in bettering patient care.  Voice recognition allows for detailed medical reports to be created almost instantaneously and shared with consultants across the globe. This is value addition.

Cost savings

When workload is significantly reduced for clinicians, hospitals may be able to reduce staffing needs to save on labor costs. Additionally, accurate records go a long way in safeguarding against legal suits. Finally, the cost of investing in voice transcription software is minimal compared to the costs of having to pay medical transcribers regularly.

How to Start Exploring Dragon Medical Voice Recognition Options for Your Business

Are you ready to learn about transitioning to Dragon Medical voice recognition for clinical data? Ready to make the patient and clinical experience the best it can be? Optumus offers free, no-hassle consultations for voice recognition software systems and other needs such as data management, IT infrastructure, custom reporting, and more. Contact us today to see how we can resolve your EMR data issues and increase patient interaction time during appointments.