Dragon Voice and Speech Recognition for Doctors and Clinicians

Speech recognition is the ability for a machine or program to identify words and phrases in spoken language and convert them to a machine-readable format.

Seconds are precious to physicians and nurses. Typing into an EHR robs them of time but using templates to document notes makes their notes look like … a computer wrote them. Studies have shown that EHRs add as much as 90 minutes to a physician’s day. This is one of the primary areas where process improvements can add valuable time for better patient care and increased productivity.

How can Voice Recognition Software Implementation help?

Optumus utilizes Voice Recognition Technologies to assist physicians with documenting the patient’s story through highly accurate software, while reducing turnaround time and dramatically reducing transcription cost.

What Voice Recognition Software is available with Optumus?

Our significant experience in this area enables us to support several of the leading systems and products in the voice recognition industry. We have carefully selected the following products to create efficient and easy to install systems for your healthcare practice.