Healthcare Software Training for Maximum Impact

Here at Optumus, we engage in health technology all day long. We talk about it, test it, find the best practices, and implement to positive results. And fortunately, we’re incredibly skilled at showing others everything we know about software, reporting, forms, EHRs, and all things technology related. When you have new hires, new systems, and new ideas, we can be the guiding, gentle force that brings everyone up to speed.

Healthcare Technology Training

Optumus trainers come to clients equipped and organized to handle the most challenging of situations. We bring a wealth of knowledge directly to your staff in an effort to help develop and train your team. We have trainers on staff that can take on the workload of designing training plans, documentation, as well as workflow design and training. We can also review and make recommendations relating to existing training plans.

To help your staff make the most of the system being implemented, we offer personalized individual or group end-user training. These programs are vital for maximizing the impact of the new system.

How well the people in your organization are able to understand and operate the system will affect the system’s return on investment.

Our team is devoted to ensuring your organization’s success during the roll out of new IT services, which will lead to better quality healthcare for your patients.

How can I get health software training for my organization?

Trainings can be provided on site, virtually, and according to your teams’ availabilities.

We offer:

  • Implementation Training
  • New Staff Training
  • Visual Form Editor Training
  • Crystal Reports Training
  • Custom Built Training Plans