What does Process Improvement mean in healthcare?

Process improvement is a systematic management style, and a series of activities and methodologies, designed to help organizations become more efficient, productive, and profitable. In healthcare organizations, process improvement rightfully focuses on quality patient care while also working to improve these other factors.

How can Optumus help with Process Improvement in my organization?

Health care is shifting drastically and healthcare providers will need to respond with more efficient systems and process that will improve the safety, quality, and experience of the care they deliver, while reducing costs. Continuous quality improvement and care redesign can be utilized to ensure your organization is staying abreast of the changes. The Optumus team can assist your unique organization with process improvement planning, training, and team-building.

Some of the areas where we can assist include:

  • Clinical Workflow Redesign
  • Business Office Process Improvement
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Healthcare Integration
  • Customized Healthcare Process Improvement Projects

What are some of the skills required for effective Process Improvement?

Data interpretation – Trainers and team leaders in process management need to understand data related to the workflow to be able to make critical decisions for efficiency and better care.

Big picture thinking – In addition to knowing minute details, leaders should be able to see the patient flow from the patients’ point of view, the providers point of view, and from administrative staffs’ point of view.

Communication – Process Improvement involves a lot of moving parts, questions, and ideas. A solid leader knows how to follow and communicate process improvement best-practice methodologies to get to the best outcome.

Our consultants have these qualities and more to bring about significant results for your patients and organization.