We Make Data Manageable and Intuitive

You’ve seen that big data can make a big difference to your bottom line. But you haven’t been able to tap into everything you have to make reporting functional, seamless, and varied. Reports to stakeholders have different requirements than reports to the board or to employees for process improvement. We provide multiple tools to make reporting easier so you have access to the evidence and research you need to make the right decisions.

Crystal Reports Training, Support, and Deliverables

Crystal Reports is a powerful reporting tool that is compatible with any type of database. Optumus has years of experience leveraging Crystal Reports to create custom reporting solutions – from simple one-off reports to population health management suites. Crystal Reports allows us to extract and present data to your organization in nearly limitless fashion. If you need to review your data at an aggregate level, Optumus can design or deliver an existing Crystal Report to present this data in the format you would like to see it.

Whether you are hoping to have custom reports created or would like your staff trained in Crystal Reports, our long-term experience and expertise with Crystal Reports will allow us to provide the ideal service to fit your needs.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Software

Optumus understands that, at a fundamental level, practices are businesses. If an organization is not able to get real-time, useful business data out of their EMR or PM system, the organization will not be successful in the long-term.

Our company is data-focused – we have spent years reviewing and analyzing various Business Intelligence Software solutions, allowing us to help you select a software that will accomplish your goals in an effective manner without breaking the bank. Whether you need selection, implementation, training or customization help, our team stands ready to assist you with your needs.

Properly implemented and leveraged data analytics is the future (and present) of health care – allow us to help you make the right choice, setting you up for long-term success. Properly selected and implemented data analytics and business intelligence software will not only lend itself to long-term success, it will relieve undue stress on management staff today, allowing them to do what they do best: manage your practice.

Interface Implementation

The biggest technical hurdle, at a global level, brought into the healthcare industry in the last five years is the focus on data sharing and data integration. Whether you need to implement a health information exchange, or connect to a registry, interfaces and secure connections are required.

Since our inception, Optumus has been involved in designing, implementing, and managing interfaces for our clients – let us help you avoid the stress and complexity of these implementations and setups by guiding your organization through the virtual minefield that is interface design and management.

Data Conversion Plans and Services

One of the greatest benefits to the electronic medical record is the presence and ability to present historical clinical data to the clinician at the point of care. The detriment to this benefit is that one of the biggest hurdles to migrating from one EMR to another is the loss of this point of care historical information in your new system – managing two different systems to see the previous clinical data while documenting in a new system is not a sustainable solution.

Optumus has spent years working inside clinical databases and extracting data, whether through interfaces, registry participation, or custom reporting. Leveraging these skills, we have helped multiple practices extract and load data from one EMR database to a second, allowing the historical data to be present in the new EMR at time of Go Live. Do not let yourself be locked into an inferior EMR because of historical data. Let Optumus help you move that data from your old EMR into your new system.