Improving Healthcare Operations with Insight and Experience

Optumus has a team of former healthcare executives that specialize in process and performance improvement. In an ever-evolving healthcare environment, we’re here to serve your unique needs as a physician and healthcare practice.

Whether your organization is large or small, we have the experience, resources, and expertise to assist you with strategic initiatives. Our goal is to bring value to your organization, and produce improvement to your bottom line. We have extensive experience with new practice start-ups, turn-arounds, building projects, and ancillary services development.

How can you select the best IT Software?

Selecting an EMR, practice management solution, or ancillary application is a critical decision and a significant planning task. There are different opinions regarding the best timing for the selection of a vendor while in the planning phase.

You may go through the planning process and develop the selection criteria you wish to use. Alternatively, you could begin by selecting a vendor and then conduct planning to support the selected new application. Many of you will develop an initial plan to identify your key goals, select a system that supports these goals, and then finalize your plan after the selection. We have a staff of seasoned consultants that have experience working with many applications. Let us help you with all of the aspects of your decision.

What is an IT Strategy?

An IT strategy is the overall plan which covers all components of technology management. This includes management of costs, staff, risk and privacy considerations, hardware and software, vendor relations, and all the other factors involved in a strong IT program. Optumus has successfully created effective and comprehensive IT strategies for organizations just like yours.

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Why is IT Infrastructure so important for healthcare?

As administrators and physicians, you have a multitude of competing priorities occupying your time. Therefore, having a dependable computer network can make your operations significantly more efficient and create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Allow us to assist you in making decisions on your new or current IT infrastructure.

When might we need IT Due Diligence?

If you want to perform and internal assessment or if you are considering an acquisition or merger, IT due diligence becomes critical. These assessments help owners, investors, board members, and other stakeholders understand the status of the IT infrastructure and environment. Optumus performs assessments and provides consultation on due diligence for healthcare organizations as one of our services. Contact us today to learn more.